This page will help you get started building and we will have you up and running in a jiffy!


ItsaCheckmate is excited to welcome all developers to come build the future for restaurants together with us. With over 50 different POS integrations built and ready to be leveraged, we want to allow you to focus on improving your product and experience, and leave the connectivity and integration work to us!

To kick things off, please review the information below and we hope to have you making your first API calls within a few short hours.

We use Slack as our main source of communication, so if we do not already have a developer Slack channel set up, please email [email protected] to get you set up.

ItsaCheckmate uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization

Our authentication system has only requirement:

  1. Access Token
Every request is expected to contain an access token in the headers, in order to return a 200 Success response.

Automatic menu updates via our Menu API endpoint are required; foregoing this requirement is not something we'll consent to without good reason. We'll send you an update notice via a Required Update Notice Webhook as soon as new menu information is available for you to fetch. Once that notice hits your server, we're asking ordering platforms to make every effort to update all menu content-dependent functionality on their platforms as fast as possible - ideally, we would like it to be instantaneous. This will be tested during our certification process.

ItsaCheckmate High-Level Flow

Below you will find a high-level diagram depicting the flow of information and requests between the Point of Sale system of a location, the ItsaCheckmate system, any 3rd party ordering platform, and the end-customer or diner.

For any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected].