Setting up

1. Go to the Platform app applications UI to get the link to the API collection. Then, fork the collection into your Postman workspace by clicking the Run in Postman button: 2994 1874

We recommend forking this collection after creating your OAuth application so that your application keys get automatically exported to that collection.

  1. Once you have forked/imported the collection, you’ll need to add a few Keys to your environment.
3. We have already exported a new environment along with the collection. In the upper right, click the dropdown and select the ItscheckmateV2-ENV environment you just imported: 424
4. In the Postman app, click on the collection folder and see the Authorization window. Go to the bottom of that window and hit Get New Access Token. 977
5. Upon clicking, it will ask you to enter Checkmate Menu Management portal credentials. Once authorized, it will show Access Token in that window. Copy that Access Token and hit the Use Token button. 1658
6. Edit the Checkmate ENV file and add this Access Token. 1864
7. The next step is to Activate this Access Token. Click on the API Request activate_access_token and hit Send button, you will get a success message: “Location authorized successfully977
8. Moving forward, for every request (Location/Menu/Order), you just need to add {{ACCESS_TOKEN}} ENV variable and it should show the results in response. 977

Like this:


Hit Send button and see the response:

9. Follow the same instructions above to get the Menu/Order endpoints working. 977
Now you are all set to fetch the menu or create an order by making a request to Platform API using Postman.