Errors in v2 of ItsaCheckmate Open API are mapped to HTTP Status codes. The following table lists such errors and provides a description of the error.

401 Unauthorized

The Authorization token is missing, invalid or has expired.

403 Forbidden

The user is trying to access a resource, which he does not has access for. For eg: An access token created with the scope locations is trying to access Menus or Orders API.

400 Bad Request

When the request has invalid parameters and are not recognised by ItsaCheckmate Server.

No location found for this access token.

The access token you've created does not have any location associated to it. This could be due to location_id not being sent in the Authorization request.

Token does not exist.

The authentication token provided does not exist anymore. This could be due to the application has been disconnected on ItsaCheckmate. Authoirze again to generate a new access token.

Location not authorized.

Your application has generated the access token but not verified the location yet. Call the Activate Location API to fix this problem.


The provided grant_type is not valid for the request.


The provided access_token is invalid or expired.


Request is missing some required parameters.


The Client Id or Client Secret are not valid.


The redirect URI provided is not matching with the one registered with the app.


An invalid scope is provided in the authoirzation request.


The provided grant_type is valid, but is not supported by ItsaCheckmate.